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Why not? People assume he's awesome based on the same rumors.
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Posted by PNQ on 2013-01-11 04:22:23

In Reply to: So you base your opinion of someone (sucking) on rumors? posted by Free Range on 2013-01-11 01:39:16

Hate the poster if you want, but West has made plenty of questionable moves. He gets a lot of credit for Kobe wanting to play on a big coastal team, and convincing Shaq to play where the big attention w!@#e would get more attention than he could anywhere else.

You can make a helluva case for West being a fortunate figurehead with a great NBA pedigree. People choose to believe otherwise based on rumors and (to me) unrealistic situations where we give the guy credit for no reason. Take Waiters, who he was high on. Majority believe its a smokescreen, because how could West like a guy who isn't that good? Some believe that West' post-draft interview means he hated Barnes... why? Because he wasn't jumping up and down?

Anyone's opinion on West is based on rumors.


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