I waffle on how they are using him right now.

Obviously, I'd like to see them make more of an effort to get him the ball because I want to see what he can do and think he'll probably respond well. It also gives them an element that they can't seem to get from anyone else.

At the same time, they are playing good basketball already, and he's a rookie and probably not really ready to take on dominant role. Unlike years gone by, the Ws actually have the luxury of bringing their top pick along somewhat slowly (he's starting but he's not a focus at all). It isn't the worst thing in the world not to had the keys to the castle over to a rookie.

The fact that he's had limited minutes and not been much of a focus on offense has probably contributed to his defensive intensity. He knows that's how he is going to stay on the floor. I feel like his d has been good all year, but he really picked it up once Draymond started eating into his minutes. As the year goes on, I think we'll be seeing more Barnes on offense.
Posted by: Lonestar (319) on 13-01-11 00:19:42
In Reply to: The thing I like about Barnes more than anything else right now is that he competes posted by gsfanatic1 on 13-01-10 23:58:04

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