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I think Barnes has terrific potential too. I've said only guy I would've preferred is Batum
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Posted by Warriors in 2014 on 2013-01-11 00:09:35

In Reply to: Barnes is 20, he can get there and imo be significantly better than Batum. posted by nhtrojan04 on 2013-01-10 17:19:26

Batum was a free agent and I wanted to sign n trade the 7th pick and change to blaze for Batum. They weren't totally sold on the guy last year as he was in a funk a little.

I wouldn't trade Barnes for 10 Rudy gays. Or other vets like deng etc. no way. However, Batum was the one guy that lets you matchup w durant and Lebron and was ready NOW and still young w plenty of years in the tank left AND he is a good passer which fit w us so well.....he isn't a one on one guy but a team guy. He played awesome in international ball last summer in part due to more team oriented play.


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