I've been recommending for 2+ years that Batum is an all star level player

And he is the only small forward we should have gone after with Barnes or with the 7th pick plus filler.

Batum is light years better than Rudy gay. Light years.

If our team had Batum and a healthy Bogut I'd argue we would be the favorite to win it all. Batum CAN defend durant as well as anyone. He fits perfectly on a team that loves to pass and he can shoot the 3 or finish at the rim. Damn. He is the one guy that I would have made a massive trade to acquire...

Props to blazers for matching that offer from wolves...easy call on their part.
Posted by: Warriors in 2014 (140) on 13-01-10 15:34:11 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Just as I see it, Batum is Blazers's most dynamic player, he completely outplayed Lebron, posted by small rebounder on 13-01-10 15:10:39

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