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Some nice posts praising barnes
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Posted by gswinsider on 2013-01-10 09:20:40

In Reply to: Cavs fans angry they took Waiters over Barnes and Drummond posted by gswinsider on 2013-01-10 09:14:29

1. Barnes is a smooth shooter with the physical tools to be elite.

Waiters hasnt the tools, and he hasnt the games, he's another bust from Syracuse.

They want to invent the new Wade, but they forgot that Wade has a 6'11 wingspan, was an athletic beast, and instead drafted a fatty guy with the same initials just because Chad Ford increase his hype.

Waiters is a 6th man for life.
2. Because that's the purpose of this thread? Sure, what's done is done. But that doesn't mean fans can't come together and bitch about their team's front office screwing up what seemed like an easy decision at the time (Barnes Barnes Barnes!). If I recall correctly, only a few people here were happy about Waiters. A majority of us expressed concerns about the potential "fit" issues with Kyrie and how Barnes would have been the better choice.

I guess that's still up in the air, as Barnes isn't exactly blowing anyone away, but I think it's more clear the type of player the Cavs should have taken. Obviously, Drummond would have been the best choice, but only a small minority were calling for him at the time of the draft, so that one is mostly 20/20 hindsight.

3.Listen, you can all fall in love with your short chubby combo guard and believe he is going to be a legit 20 ppg shooting guard in the future, but I've been watching basketball for too long to fall for this ****. This pick was pathetic on draft night and is still pathetic right now. the bottom line is that if we didn't take a player that was believed to go in the top 5 and that player ends up being better than waiters, then it was a poor draft choice. I am looking at you Drummond!


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