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I am also pro Barnes, I just meant you can't say Barnes is already better, that's all.
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Posted by Firehouse on 2013-01-10 02:52:40

In Reply to: Is Gay better? Obviously. But I'm still baffled by Jackson's crunch time line-up posted by dontstopbelievin on 2013-01-10 02:47:24

Who knows maybe a few years from now he will be but the window for teams to win can close fast because we can lose Landry and others so we need to win now. When the playoffs start this year, we would have a better chance with Rudy as our starting SF. I am greedy, I want a healthy Bogut and Rudy as our starting SF going into the playoffs and give us the best chance to shock the NBA world and getting to the finals.

Curry - PG
Klay - SG
Gay - SF
Bogut - C
Lee - PF


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