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i don't go as far back, the guys i remember are shank, dcwarrior, bbj, shamrock, chase,
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Posted by jason bourne on 2013-01-09 17:15:16

In Reply to: Anybody left from's board from like '95? posted by Warrior_Wanker ;-) on 2013-01-09 16:09:20

skippy, shallow hal, brown acid, rox, flexkavana, maynard, spade, billy hoyle, gmoney, swopa, tililiha, napajohn, docholiday, turtle, stone, manute, nugzfan, barryramey, signarenas, jayho, ukraine train, krieger, leonardoplaymaker, pete, mcfadden, thunder,

they're probably still here lol. and the guy's whom i've missed are still here, too.

there used to be racist posts that would bring the board down. also, there was some incident of cheating in a fantasy game. buzz exposed nurpa and he left the board.


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