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Front court the coaches will vote for Randolph, Duncan, and Lee
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Posted by loozballs on 2013-01-09 15:35:04

In Reply to: Curry will get in, no DLee. if Howard is still injured he may go. posted by stomper on 2013-01-09 15:17:17

I doubt they will select Aldridge or any bigs with a record below the Warriors. The bigger threat to Lee would be Gay, M.Gasol, or Ibaka but none of them are playing better than Lee right now.

As for the guards, Curry is in trouble. The top guards coaches will pick are Westbrook and Harden. They would want to at least put in one more from the Spurs and so that wildcard spot will go to Parker.

Now the other wildcard spot will depend on whether coaches want a another guard or a big. It will be close but Curry could be the last player to be chosen. The only thing is that they can't have two players over Grizzlies unless Warriors have a better record.

Clippers = CP3, Griffin
OKC = Durant, Westbrook
Spurs = Duncan, Parker
Lakers = Kobe, Howard
Grizzlies = Z-Bo
Warriors = Lee, Curry
Rockets = Harden

Howard out = M.Gasol, Gay, Aldridge, Al Jefferson, Gallinari.

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