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Props to Klay. 20/7/7 vs. Tony Allen grabbing him all night. That non-call on tip in goaltending
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Posted by Warriors in 2014 on 2013-01-09 15:24:23

and countless out of bounds calls that didn't go our way. I think you have at least 10 possessions from ghost fouls and loose ball calls that could have gone our way....give us like 5 of those plus you hit a few more free throws and this might have been a 10 point lead easy mid 4th qtr and the game is completely changed.

The only thing i hate about the NBA is how much influence the refs have over the game and how it is so difficult to call the game. I think international refs do a much better job. If the offensive player initiates contact it just isn't a foul period. You can't just run into people as you drive to the hoop looking for a foul like Wade, Lebron, etc.

Anyway, I don't mind this loss as i feel we outplayed them. Those bitchin about D Lee's play are wondering! He missed a couple outside shots and layups or he has another 20/10 plus night. Give us Bogut to defend the post and we look substantially better than those guys.


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