This game will be more on the defense than Kap...

if they play like they did at the end of the season Rogers is going to put up 40 points on them with a healthy stable of WRs to throw to. People bitch that Kap lost them that St. Louis game but keep in the mind the defense could not stop a 2-point conversion and could not prevent a game tying FG with less than 1.5 minutes remaining. The defense needs to come up big a force a few early TO's like they did against the Pats and the Saints in the playoffs last year.
Posted by: E-Doh (formerly E-Damp) (1397) on 13-01-09 08:21:56 | Advertiser
In Reply to: we gotta beat GB! this looms big for Kap! (would Smith beat em the 2nd time around?) posted by BC on 13-01-09 07:58:35

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