Barnes is not a BG. Besides most of the stars who played on the Olympic team gave Klay props.

Sometime the best trades are the ones you don't make. We don't have a dire need for Rudy. He can opt out at the end of next year. So you would give up Klay for perhaps a rental?

What about team chemistry? Why mess with it?

There is absolutely no reason to help Memphis get under the tax and give them a good young inexpensive player who they can control for the forseeable future for Rudy Gay. None!

Its their tree and they are sitting in it. Let them find a way out. Let them deal Gay for shit just to get under the tax. Let them deal with discord and the uncertainty.
Posted by: U-Trains #116 (15553) on 13-01-09 06:42:19
In Reply to: somebody proposed it below but how about Klay for rudy? posted by rick barry's rug on 13-01-09 05:55:09

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