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Agreed. The W's have a nice young core. Good chemistry. Why break things up when we have not seen
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Posted by U-Trains #116 on 2013-01-09 05:07:21

In Reply to: Might not be exciting, but status quo is probably the best option posted by Bopper on 2013-01-09 04:13:58

the team with a healthy Bogut. Most teams would kill for our perimeter.

The fact is the W's are not title contenders but they are good enough to make the playoffs as composed.

Ofcourse if some team wants Beans or RJ they are more than welcome.

I might consider selling high on D.Lee if I could get a similar player or more athletic player on a shorter contract.

"Nobody does that kind of stuff," Myers said. "I think he's grabbed onto that identity. It's huge that he embraces it, because we need it. Every team needs it. I can tell you that any team in the NBA would love to have him, because all he does is help you win."


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