Correct. My main point is that the surgery doesn't cause injury

The injury causes injury, and a lot of people just simply don't get that.

I used a comparsion with cancer/chemo/allergies earlier. If chemo could all of a sudden cure allergies, and you went up to your friends telling them you were about to being chemo treatments, they'd think you were dying. You could point blank tell them that its for allergies, not the most dire use of the therapy, but some will still believe you are dying.

I don't get it at all, but I'm in the medical sector so maybe it's because I'm too familiar with the stuff.
Posted by: PNQ (15699) on 13-01-09 03:59:28
In Reply to: OK, I get that. His cartilage isn't wearing away like Brandon Roy or something. posted by Old Black Dawning on 13-01-09 03:55:42

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