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Ill try and not be long-winded
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Posted by PNQ on 2013-01-09 04:53:56

In Reply to: Can you quickly explain the difference? posted by Old Black Dawning on 2013-01-09 04:40:56

You are correct on what microfracture usually does, stabilize the knee or ankle by creating superclots (aka new cartilage)

In a cleanup, you are usually taking out damaged cartilage that causes irritation/swelling because its broken off a little bit from where cartilage usually is. MF surgery for these cases is more of a preventative measure, as opposed to..

degenerative, where you are tryting to replace naturally defective cartilage with MORE body-created cartilage from the same person in an effort to stop the inevitable.

The procedure itself is very similar, but people need to realize the procedure itself isn't what causes these athletes to be crippled, or a slow recovery time. Its the actual malady that causes it. Just because the procedure is the same, doesn't mean the prognosis is.


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