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As they are, the Grizz's contracts may be their biggest vice
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Posted by Frisco Warriors on 2013-01-09 03:51:47

In Reply to: I'm not understanding what Memphis is looking to do posted by JamesKrygan on 2013-01-09 01:23:27

Zbo, Gay, and Conley, and to a certain extent Gasol are all overpaid. This greatly hampers their ability to build a solid bench.
They also lack great shooting. Allen is not a shooter at all. Conley is their only real 3 point threat.

Also, Conley is getting paid like a star caliber PG when he is a very average starter. Gay is getting paid like Lebron. Nuff said.

Moving Gay may be a business move. That team, although very strong, is a money pit. Maybe ownership is losing money or trying to not lose any?


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