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In his warped mind (Ego too) he thinks....
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Posted by Bruno on 2013-01-09 02:55:30

In Reply to: lol@BJennings' reaction to Skiles firing posted by gswfan4ever on 2013-01-08 19:38:34

He's in the same category as super stars like Wade,
DRose etc .... Just ask Monta

I don't blame any of these guys for thinking they are as good or better than the other stars (they have to think that) You can't go to battle against those dudes all defeated thinking he is better than me etc - you already lost at that point.

It's with maturity that you figure out that it's a business and you realize what's what. There is the owner, Mgmt, coaches and there is the player.
He may realize that at some point.

I think in this league, talent wins. When you get guys committed and refusing to let go of the rope, good things happen.


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