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Losing Landry shouldn't be a concern...
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Posted by Rox on 2013-01-09 02:41:34

In Reply to: Depends on where you view the team is as a contender posted by New Warriors on 2013-01-09 02:17:29

... even though I was always a big fan of his play, he is a backup PF at best and one that can easily be replaced (HOU replaced him twice with Patterson and Morris, neither by themselves is a starting PF).

But it is a "star's league". HOU was able to get one in Harden and you can see the difference. If you think gay is that type of player (and he may be) then you make that trade.


"We had this game and Harden just took it from us like nothing. He did it like he just woke up, went to the fridge, took out some OJ and drank it."

- Timberwolves Fan, 12/26/12


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