Hard to say but Clips, OKC,SA are a lock to make it. Memphis will if they don't blow their team up.

Then it's foggy. Warriors in the 5 spot but Denver, Houston and Portland are coming on. We are more or less even with those teams but when all is said and done we might finish behind them. And don't count out the lakers. They could nudge us out. Hard to say since things are in a state of flux. I just know that outside of Bogut coming back, I really hope that they reinforce this team rather than do the usual passive/half measure thing past warrior teams have done.
Posted by: rick barry's rug (10587) on 13-01-08 23:46:04 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Who's your top 8 out West as things currently stand? posted by JamesKrygan on 13-01-08 23:30:44

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