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Joe DiMaggio by Richard Ben Cramer
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Posted by Poko the Gorilla on 2013-01-08 23:02:51

journalist Richard Ben Cramer passed away a few days ago. He was known for insightful books on the Middle Est, the 1988 presidential campaign and biographies of DiMaggio and Ted Williams. Even though I haven't read his books, I did see him on tv lots of times and appreciated his detail, calm style and deep, crusty voice.

The link is a 15 min clip of Cramer reading from the DiMaggio book about Joe growing up in North Beach in SF, selling newspapers on Market Street, Galileo High School and his father, a fisherman working the Bay.

Super star Rick Barry, his wife, Pam; singer Pat Boone, center, President of the Oakland Oaks; American Basketball Association Commissioner George Mikan and actor James Garner pause for conversation before last night’s ABA opener in Oakland, California, Oct. 14, 1967 between the Oaks and visiting Anaheim Amigos. Barry, last year’s super star for the San Francisco Warriors, has been signed by Oakland. He is unable to play for one year, however, because of contract obligations. (AP Photo)

  • Joe DiMaggio by Richard Ben Cramer   -  Poko the Gorilla  2013-01-08 23:02:51 (114 views)

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