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If I'd have seen this earlier I could have saved myself a lot of typing above. I just didn't realize
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Posted by BackseatGM on 2013-01-08 14:06:43

In Reply to: Lol its like this posted by PNQ on 2013-01-08 13:03:41

you were so special. I've talked s!@t to you in the past? If you say so. I must have totally lost my head considering how special you and your takes are. So yeah, I'll f!@k off, what else can I do? It's not like we can take it outside and I'm not gonna resort the internet tough guy routine that few here would really back up in person. All I know is I've talked hoops on here a hell of a lot longer than you have and I'll bet there's a lot more posters here that would like to tell you to f!@k off than me.


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