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how much could Varejo help???
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Posted by gsw_pride on 2013-01-08 11:15:55

He's finals vet, tough, plays hard every play, passes well, scores inside, and rebounds very well. 3 yrs at 8+m at 30 averaging 14pts/14.4reb/3.4ast/1.8to/1.5st. Imagine him starting now and coming off the bench if/when Bogut returns!
Not saying I would but let's say they traded AB/Barnes for Varejo/Casspi(3m exp) (cle gets 20yr old stud sf and short term back up vet c, Zeller gets more pt, better draft pick, saves a yr at 9m)
Short term it would be a huge help! If Bogut made it back near 100% this season they could compete for the championship but if not they would still be a stronger po team.
Long term it's very interesting... (let's say most likely Landry leaves for more $) a pf combo of Lee/Vajero/Green is still very very solid! Landry leaving now opens up $ to keep Jack with a little extra to help any needs.


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