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Whatever... people said they were all done a year and a half before that series
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Posted by buzz on 2013-01-08 10:57:28

In Reply to: KG got owned in game 6 and 7, and you conveniently forgot posted by simon on 2013-01-08 10:50:08

And they still aren't done now.

These takes are literally laughable. Obvious you either didn't watch Game 7 or don't remember it. We were up 14 when Sheed cramped up in the 2nd half. He was legless after that, and we had to close the game with Baby, who is a gamer, but like 5 inches shorter than either Pau or Bynum.

As to Rondo, it's a great uptempo player on a slow team. Picture early Magic or Kidd on a slow-tempo team and they'd have been nowhere near as good.


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