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The way Klay and Barnes are "integrated" into this offense is currently mildly awkward
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Posted by JetLife on 2013-01-08 04:46:37

In Reply to: Klay Thompson's struggles alongside Steph Curry and prowess without him posted by Sheed on 2013-01-08 04:30:56

They both, properly, take back seats to Steph-DLee 2 man game, but the way their plugged in seems like it can be improved.

Klay is usually applied as
1. Weak side, kick out, 3pt Bomb (80%)
2. Random, ill advised, drive to the hoop (15%)
3*. Set play, pin down screens, for a FT jumper (5%)

* - #3 is only applied when he misses early and keeps chucking

Barnes is usually applied as
1. Top of the key or weak side, 3pt attempt (50%)
2. Pure ISO clear out back down or drive (50%)

It seems like both players, who have size (klay)/athleticism (barnes) and offensive advantage on most opponents could be used a bit better?


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