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They got two bad calls that might have affected the score.
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Posted by cedricl on 2013-01-08 04:17:53

In Reply to: LOL @ Notre Dame. I'm surprised Fitz isn't on this list of people crying the refs gave Bama the game posted by Lawston on 2013-01-08 02:26:43

Lets see, if we take two TDs away from Alabama the score would have been 28-14. Regardless of the score, ND got a royal ass kicking. Some fans can't see beyond their blind loyalty.

"* Important point: The assistant the TV camera often catches drawing up plays during sideline huddles is NOT always the most important member of the staff. Hes just the one specifically designated to draw up the plays in the huddles"

"But one thing about Mark Jackson, he is a stand-up guy."


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