I'll invoke a doomsday comparison....

If someone tells you that the end of the world is going to happen at a specific time, and they have convinced themselves that the end of the world is going to happen as such then it is going to happen. Just not the way they envisioned it. The world is going to end, only it is not the greater world in which we all live. It is the single minded perception of the world in which this person has placed all of their belief. It is the end of their world. It's how we as people handle the change in perception that reveals true character, or in this case mental health.

I'm no medical expert, but this seems to be the cycle, albeit on a much different scale, in which White finds himself trapped. He clearly has trouble reconciling reality with his perception of the way things should be (in his mind).
Posted by: Nuck Chorris (17733) on 13-01-06 23:53:55
In Reply to: has Royce White ever been specific about what he means by "illogical health decisions"? posted by Next Generation, Silicon Valley Superstar on 13-01-06 15:01:34

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