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Coaching is huge! Pau won them the championship in 2010
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Posted by Sebby on 2013-01-06 17:55:08

In Reply to: I'd love to know how they're playing in a parallel universe with Phil Jackson as HC posted by Next Generation, Silicon Valley Superstar on 2013-01-06 15:55:40

Zen knows how to massage bad egos. But you right, remember when kobe scored 75 points or whatever in a season and everyone was all crazed, and they were in the playoffs as a 7th seed? Kobe was chuck city, they lost against PHX in the first round iirc. He had a bad supporting cast but he did entirely too much. Now he has DH, Nash, Pau. No reason for this nerd to shoot so much.

Keeping the shots down forces kobe to seek better shots, bc you know he cares about his stat line, that means he takes better shots.



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