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Definitely primarily a defender
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Posted by buzz on 2013-01-06 16:35:40

In Reply to: i haven't seen him play enough posted by San Ramon Warrior on 2013-01-06 16:15:08

But I wouldn't say liability offensively. Shot 40% on 3s in limited attempts, forces a lot of TOs that lead to transition baskets. And he is a good transition player for sure. Very fast, can finish.

Averaged 15.1 points a game on like 11.7 shots a game once they made him a starter last year.

I don't know that he can play Kobe, but he covers a wide range of guys. Mostly just attacking the ball. Rondo actually does pretty well on big guards. I mean, he has picked up LeBron for stretches during the playoffs, lol.


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