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Uh ... I guess Mike Brown didn't know how to use him either?
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Posted by Bruno on 2013-01-06 13:55:41

In Reply to: he still has game, d'antoni just doesn't know how to use him posted by Promise on 2013-01-06 13:38:14

It's not D'Antoni, man! Coaches coach, players play.
Yes, they are getting up there but so are the Spurs, Knicks and those guys are winning.

Pau still has skills but declining big time. A change of team would do wonders for him though. This Laker thing has come and gone - its time for change for that whole team. I just hope they don't change their ways until the off season at least.

I think in this league, talent wins. When you get guys committed and refusing to let go of the rope, good things happen.


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