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Posted by Retired Tank Commander on 2013-01-05 06:52:11

Golden State Warriors: There is arguably no team in the NBA hotter than the Warriors, but to play the Clippers thrice in one month is to come face-to-face with one’s basketball mortality. The fact that the Dubs took the first of those January meetings in a blowout likely serves only to irritate Chris Paul, and thus jump-start the Clips in the two undoubtedly more competitive head-to-head games to come.

But beyond that absurd concentration of upstart Pacific Division rivals, the Warriors will need to manage an always-tough swing through Denver, a trip down to San Antonio, and home games against the Grizzlies, Heat, and Thunder in consecutive weeks. There isn’t a particular concentration of difficult games on the Warriors’ slate, nor is there some decided absence of days off. But the difficult opponents just keep on coming all month long, until things finally quiet down by month’s end with three games in four nights against the Raptors, Cavs, and Mavericks.


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