I think teams will jump at Landry more and I think Jack is the guy you bring back.

I have been a big fan of both for years, but at this point I'd go with Jack for a few reasons:

- At this point I think pretty much everyone in the league knows that these are really good reserves and feaux starters. I doubt anyone goes over 6 mil a year for either.

- Assuming Bogut does come back this year and isn't complete trash, that probably cuts into Landry's minutes/importance. We know Festus can play and hes under contract. Lee is going to play 35 mpg. Draymond can play some spot PF mins. We have options there, and there are some cheap options on the FA market to fill minutes at PF.

- We know how good of a fit Jack is in the backcourt next to Steph. He can change the whole dynamic of the offense because Steph can switch to SG. He provides a much needed second ball handler. He can defend the tougher backcourt assignment just fine. How many guys can replace what he gives us? I like Jenkins, but he can't do it IMO. Wouldn't mind getting an Avery Bradley type who's more athletic and could also play with Steph, but thats pretty unrealistic (btw are they trying to make Bazemore into a Bradley type with the ballhandling at the end of games?).

- Assuming they both get similar interest at 5-6 mil a year as spot starters on horrid teams or backups on better teams, I think Jack prefers his role here to Landry. Like I said, if/when Bogut returns it will cut into Landry's minutes. Lee isn't going to play less. Many games Festus/Andris will get plenty of minutes because we need that size. Why not go somewhere else where he's guaranteed 30 mpg with plenty of touches and possibly as a starter? Compare that with Jack who knows he's going to get about 30 mpg anywhere he goes, no one on the team will cut into his minutes, he closes out games, and we are a pretty good team. Why go start on a crappier team for the same money and possibly get replaced by a top 10 pick? Why backup someone else with a more traditional PG who he doesn't fit as well with as he does with Curry?
Posted by: Run BJM (10973) on 13-01-05 05:29:23
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