Big Rebounder is right on...we can keep Jack either way. I'd say keep Jack and Baze and use MLE on

Landry or other power forward with guys like Udoh or Seraphin or it is too bad Hickson got so good already....

I'd be very happy if we keep Landry and Jack but Jarrett is part of the heart of the team IMO.
And IMO, keeping Bazemore is a no brainer. He's cheap and he has potential and we should find out if he is a player or not. Tyler has proven that he is most likely not worth it which i expected all along. I must say that his attitude has been alright though which is tough for a 15th guy on the bench. I'm even fine if they keep Tyler as a 15th man as somebody has to be that guy.
Posted by: Warriors in 2014 (140) on 13-01-05 04:50:32 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Is keeping Baze and Tyler this season worth losing Jack and or Landry next??? posted by stimpson on 13-01-05 03:48:29

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