Is keeping Baze and Tyler this season worth losing Jack and or Landry next???

If the Warriors don't dump some salary and get under the tax threshold they will lose their 5.1 bi-annual exception and only have a 3.1 exception for teams over the luxury tax. Landry and Jack are both playing well enough to opt out and get raises. Who knows what happens between now and the end of the season but having the 5.1 exception might mean we can resign one of them. I like baze as a cheerleader and he might become a player but won't mean as much to the warriors as Landry or Jack any time soon. Tyler continues to be an experiment and it looks like we might not be able to afford to give him time to grow up. They need to shed a million or so to get under the tax threshold and I think they should do it.

Here's some info from the Coco Times:

The source said the Warriors aren’t desperate to get under the luxury tax. The money isn’t a problem since Golden State is not even a million over (and they would only have to pay dollar-for-dollar this season). They would lose the bi-annual exception but they would still get a smaller mid-level exception ($3.18 million next season instead of the $5.15 million for non-tax teams), which doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem for the Warriors.

If they stay over the tax, the Warriors will only be able to take in 125% of the salary they send out in a trade (instead of up to 150% for non-tax teams). And the Warriors would lose sign-and-trade privileges.

Even if they wanted to void those ramifications, waiving Bazemore wouldn’t do it. So expect him to see him for a while, keeping it hype on the bench.
Posted by: stimpson (108) on 13-01-05 03:48:29

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