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Ezeli has really made me forget about him.
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Posted by Run BJM on 2013-01-05 04:16:00

In Reply to: ekpe playing pf now. would you trade landry for udoh? posted by jason bourne on 2013-01-04 20:29:41

Udoh probably has better technique but at this point I'd take the true C who can handle Dwight, Hibbert, M. Gasol, Pekovic, etc. etc.

Landry over Udoh all day but really Ezeli was the Udoh replacement and while they're comparable I like Ezeli's size better and hes on a cheaper contract.

This offseason if Landry walks we need to find another guy who can replicate his game decently, not another Ezeli type. I'm thinking Elton Brand (FA), JJ Hickson (FA), Blatche (FA) Jason Thompson, etc.



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