Last night had so many great plays ....some of mine were

1 curry's rebound. I'm glad someone posted below about it. I meant to praise him for that rebound, awesome play.
2. Barnes dish to Lee for the slam
3 m Jackson's adjustment to post up Barnes
4 m Jackson's decision not to play Draymond very much. Not a good matchup vs Matt Barnes
5. Odom's epic fail on a gimmie.
6. Lee's two fifteen footers to start the 2nd half. Huge. That helped the spacing rest of game.
7. Barnes two drives, one right beating deandre and one left w lefty finish. Big big game by Barnes.
8. Bazemore giving the team big mojo w his antics (Jk).
9. D Lee clapping at Blake hammering on him w that foul. Lee hates Blake and I dig that.
10. Let it rain .....splash bros. pick a 3
Any 3.
Posted by: Warriors in 2014 (140) on 13-01-03 03:07:58 | Advertiser

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