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A writer once wrote, "Make a list of all the things you want a center to do and another list of all
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Posted by BackseatGM on 2013-01-03 03:00:25

In Reply to: I'd still have Blake ahead of him and Timmy D ahead of both if he counts as a PF posted by Lawston on 2013-01-03 02:16:37

the things Tim Duncan does and you'll have two copies of the same list. The only reason Duncan was ever listed as a PF was because he was playing next to David Robinson. His game has never changed since he was the center at Wake Forest but he still is listed as a PF for some idiotic reason. Which means some of the "centers" he's played next to over the years are Malik Rose, Robert Horry, and Boris Diaw. I don't know if he likes the idea of retiring as the best PF that's ever played the game but he's not fooling me. He's one of the top 5-10 centers that has ever played. If he wants to be #1 at something, he and Robinson were the best twin towers in NBA history. No one else even close.


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