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Curious as to why you would still have Blake in front of him? Not being biased here, but
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Posted by ima-b-a-warriors on 2013-01-03 02:21:10

In Reply to: I'd still have Blake ahead of him and Timmy D ahead of both if he counts as a PF posted by Lawston on 2013-01-03 02:16:37

Lee beats Blake out in nearly every category. So many people would say that Blake is better probably because he is more exciting. IMHO i think it is ridiculous to put Blake ahead of Lee at this point. Timmy, no problem, he will probably go down as the best pf of all time.

"I just remember that we were chasing a double-team, and they found him at the top of the key, boom. And then he decided he could make one from 30 feet, and then boom."- Nuggets coach George Karl.


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