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Few observations from last night...
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Posted by Bruno on 2013-01-03 00:14:32

I really like how Andris is contributing in these spot minutes the last 10 games or so. Second, you are really starting to see the imprint of Marc Jackson as a coach. The defensive and rebounding tone that he has been setting up since last year is coming as a regular thing every game. It helps that Barnes, Curry, Landry, Jack and others are rebounding a lot better. Shooting can disappear but the defense seems to be there in practically every game ... nice trend. I just want to see them get over the hump with teams like the Spurs, OKC and the Grizz - very hard match ups for the Warriors. They will need Andris to really play like this and then some the rest of the year.

I think in this league, talent wins. When you get guys committed and refusing to let go of the rope, good things happen.


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