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I get physically ill thinking about all the wasted lottery picks...
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Posted by E-Doh (formerly E-Damp) on 2013-01-02 09:35:34

In Reply to: Problem was our GMs posted by Fan on 2013-01-02 08:39:23

and the fact had just about anyone poster on this board would have had more success in draft better players.

1997 - Wanted McGrady, we got Foyle(d)
1998 - Wanted Pierce, we got Jamison
1999 - Wanted William Avery, pick traded for Mookie and draft pick which later became Vonteego Cummings - a wash
2000 - actually agreed with trading the pick for Hughes in a weak draft (pick ended up being Jamal Crawford)
2001 - Wanted Joe Johnson or JRich and then Zach Randolph - got JRich and Murphy, no guarantee what Randolph would have done but maybe would have started out his NBA career better with his college teammate (or, on the flip-side, ruined JRich)
2002 - Wanted Nene or Caron Butler, we got Dungleavy
2003 - Wanted either Pietrus or David West, Pietrus selected
2004 - Wanted Biedrins or Jefferson, got Biedrins
2005 - Wanted Granger or Bynum, got Diogu - EPIC fail by Mullin here
2006 - Wanted Marcus Williams, POB drafted - lol, guess we would have avoided all the stupid trades and draft restrictions that plagued the subsequent acquisition of Williams
2007 - Wanted Noah or Wright, hoping the trade for Garnett would go through instead
2008 - Wanted Anthony Randolph or Roy Hibbert, got Randolph - talent was there, just no brain
2009 - Wanted Curry or J'Ru Holliday, got Curry
2010 - Wanted Greg Monroe or Xavier Henry (lol), we got the guy in the nice suit
2011 - Wanted Alec Burks, Klay Thompson drafted - about the only time the Warriors' selection was superior to mine


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