I get physically ill thinking about all the wasted lottery picks...

and the fact had just about anyone poster on this board would have had more success in draft better players.

1997 - Wanted McGrady, we got Foyle(d)
1998 - Wanted Pierce, we got Jamison
1999 - Wanted William Avery, pick traded for Mookie and draft pick which later became Vonteego Cummings - a wash
2000 - actually agreed with trading the pick for Hughes in a weak draft (pick ended up being Jamal Crawford)
2001 - Wanted Joe Johnson or JRich and then Zach Randolph - got JRich and Murphy, no guarantee what Randolph would have done but maybe would have started out his NBA career better with his college teammate (or, on the flip-side, ruined JRich)
2002 - Wanted Nene or Caron Butler, we got Dungleavy
2003 - Wanted either Pietrus or David West, Pietrus selected
2004 - Wanted Biedrins or Jefferson, got Biedrins
2005 - Wanted Granger or Bynum, got Diogu - EPIC fail by Mullin here
2006 - Wanted Marcus Williams, POB drafted - lol, guess we would have avoided all the stupid trades and draft restrictions that plagued the subsequent acquisition of Williams
2007 - Wanted Noah or Wright, hoping the trade for Garnett would go through instead
2008 - Wanted Anthony Randolph or Roy Hibbert, got Randolph - talent was there, just no brain
2009 - Wanted Curry or J'Ru Holliday, got Curry
2010 - Wanted Greg Monroe or Xavier Henry (lol), we got the guy in the nice suit
2011 - Wanted Alec Burks, Klay Thompson drafted - about the only time the Warriors' selection was superior to mine
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