Seems like rehab is everything with these injuries

You look at the Adrian Peterson situation, which now has to be considered the gold standard, they had the rehab and recovery timeline mapped out from the start, being super careful not to let him get ahead of schedule. With Bogut it almost seems like they were playing it by ear, and were certainly letting optimism effect the timetable.

And beyond that, microfracture is a more significant process....the thing you *always* hear is that the player has to keep the weight off the joint until the joint is recovered and the fake cartilage sets in. And beyond THAT, just try to find information about ankle microfractures, its just not a common process and maybe there is a bit too much guesswork going on.

So who the hell knows. I did come across this:

"In the ankle, microfracture surgery works about 85% of the time, but the success rate varies with age. A recent study concluded that if the patient is over 25 years old or the ankle lesion is greater than 1.5 cm sq., microfracture surgery is more likely to have problems.

In Bogut’s case, the fact he has continued to swell and have pain indicates he likely falls into the 15% of patients who experience complications. I am very concerned when my patients continue to have pain 6 months after surgery, as that period gives you a good look at the recovery process.

Doctors also need to repair the lateral ligaments during microfracture ankle surgery. If those ligaments weren’t fixed correctly, Bogut is more likely to experience problems."
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