Agreed. That is what has me uncomfortable

On November 8, the announcement was made about Bogut shutting it down for "at least the next 7-10 days."

Only after that did news break that his most recent surgery was something far more than a simple "clean-up." As I write this, we are close to 60 days from the date he was shut down; vastly different than 7-10 days. It is clear that neither the Bogut nor the Warriors had a real idea of the scope of his issues otherwise I find it hard to believe they would have even given a number in the range of 7-10 days.

And I agree that Bogut did not look good when he played. Not that you couldn't see his skills, those were evident. But, to me, he appeared to be very obviously laboring in everything he did.

I try to be an optimist. But something about this whole situation has me very concerned. First and foremost, for Andrew as a person. But secondly, because I am starting to wonder if the Warriors will ever get the player they were hoping for.
Posted by: KDP (428) on 13-01-02 06:31:09
In Reply to: How could any of us really know what's going on behind the scenes one way or another? posted by JamesKrygan on 13-01-02 05:26:25

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