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Draymond and Quincy Miller, who's buried in Denver, but has looked very promising in 3 D-League game
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Posted by Bub Rub Nubs Dah Dubs on 2013-01-02 05:24:30

In Reply to: I would've taken Drummond, but I wasn't mad at the pick. Who'd be playing SF if we didn't have Barne posted by JamesKrygan on 2013-01-02 05:13:38


6'10 SF who can rebound and, apparently, shoot from 3.

Hollinger was very high on him in draft. Had him 6th on the draft rater. Basically, a top prospect out of HS, tears ACL late, plays rookie season at Baylor against killer comp, and still is very productive. Upside as his leg recovers further, but somehow he fell to 38th.

The scary part is, let's see in a few years if Miller and Barnes are closer in production than they were on draft day.


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