The W's have a classic personnel conundrum on their hands

While Steph Curry and David Lee's improved play is obvious and the W's have done a good job drafting the last couple of years, very few would argue that the biggest impact on this years team has come from the veteran additions of Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry. These two have provided great depth and veteran leadership at much needed positions sorely lacking in the past. That's the good news.

The bi-product of this good news is both could be too expensive to keep past this year. Jarrett jack's contract ends after this season and he'll be looking for a longterm deal as a starter, AND he is probably playing well to get it. Carl Landry signed a 2 years deal but next season is a players option at $4mil and he could (and very likely WILL) opt out looking for bigger $$ and a longer term. He too will probably get it.

It's a huge bummer that Jefferson and Biedrins don't come off the books until next year because their money could have been used on Jack & Landry. We're already a projected $4mil over next year's Lux Tax numbers and will no doubt be trying to get under it.

So, we stand a very real chance of losing two the biggest reasons for our improvement this year. yes, we can hope for "internal improvement" but damn these two would leave a void that's very hard to fill.

Bob Meyers better get his creative thinking hat on soon.
Posted by: SFbaybum (79) on 13-01-02 03:01:56 | Advertiser

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  • The W's have a classic personnel conundrum on their hands SFbaybum  13-01-02 03:01:56 (254 views)