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Who cares what his personality is like, as long as he performs well for us.
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Posted by Don Nelson's Chocolate Cake on 2013-01-02 03:59:34

In Reply to: Does anyone on the team really like Klay? Honest question because... posted by Webberscurse on 2013-01-02 03:40:40

What a dumb question...I mean, all of these guys in the NBA worked their freaking asses off to get here, and did nothing other than play basketball every day. I don't expect anyone to be some bright valedictorian. Klay's personality is what it is, he seems like a nice guy to me, I guarantee that you're making the assumption that he's a sour puss based on his appearance/body language during games. Truth is, none of us here are in the locker room/gym with Klay and we can't make claims on what his personality is or isn't based on the way he carries himself in games. But it doesn't even matter anyways. I like watching good basketball, regardless of who the players are.

All I have to say is...if you hate Klay's personality, you must have HATED the We Believe team with guys like Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Monta Ellis, and so on, haha.

Golden State Warriors, circa BC's birth (~2004)


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