Good for him.

He was a second round pick. He grew up in tough neighborhood, and accomplished something with his life. He played his ass of for the Dubs, and for that I respect him. Are the Warriors better off? Yeah definitely.

I don't see why there is so much glee when he plays poorly. He's not a Warrior anymore, he's not in the WC. I root for him to do well, like all other former Warriors except when it would hurt the Dubs in any way.

Also all the shots at his speech/intelligence are in poor taste. Criticizing his play is fine, taking shots at him because he doesn't speak well is just being an asshole.
Posted by: latvianlightning (12834) on 13-01-01 14:52:10
In Reply to: Interesting that Monta is #1 shooting guard in assists per game, 5.6 posted by Warriors in 2014 on 13-01-01 14:33:42

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