Whoever posted that Barbieri link I listened. Any1 want my thots on Razor click post lol

Leiberman just isn't a very good interviewer even though he really thinks he is. He's a weird combination of being too soft and also being too hard. He can't wrangle an interviewee into interesting areas and he's also too concerned with being "tough" so he breaks conversations off before they pay off. He's not terrible but you can see why he's a AA pitcher, not a big league one.

I was never a huge fan of Ralph the Razor but I acknowledge and respect his impact on Bay Radio, and it's kinda sad to hear him like this. He's groveling and bitter. He's playing out the string and he thinks he still has some game left, which is always sad to see no matter what the field is
Posted by: Lawston (18677) on 13-01-01 14:17:10

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