Yeah, but you're leaving out the part where Papa poorly introduces him with the, "saving the best

For last" line.

And then how the whole thing devolved into a classic Vince McMahon-style shoot.

"ok now that that's over"

"c'mon people"

I agree that the fans were wrong to boo Lacob on that occasion, but I agree that he had it coming with the amount of bravado he displayed thru the first 1 1/2 years of his ownership (considering the early promises and results)
Posted by: Next Generation, Silicon Valley Superstar (22004) on 13-01-01 02:45:05 | Advertiser
In Reply to: biggest stupid fan mistake - booing him at the Mully ceremony for trading Monta posted by YES!!!YES!!!YES!!! on 13-01-01 01:15:12

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