Yea they fkd up, just as they did w Curry last year. But Curry is back strong n Bogut will be too.


And to put this in context, MC is talking from a fantasy perspective, to those fantasy players who drafted him for their fantasy team and it possibly cost them some money. Those people maybe have the right to be pissed at the Warriors, even though they should have known they were taking a risk drafting him.

As far as Warrior fans, unless you bought season tickets only because you care about the Aussie and not about the Warriors, then you shouldn't be too upset. The team has been significantly better than expected without him, and we can still hope he will at some point come back and help them be even better.
Posted by: Argentina Warrior (1133) on 12-12-31 14:11:16
In Reply to: Marcus Thompson says Warriors are dishonest posted by K@libug@n on 12-12-31 12:39:32

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