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So what are they lying about right now?
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Posted by Faceless on 2012-12-31 14:52:13

In Reply to: I'm saying they been lying about how hurt he is, and that they may have even killed the trade... posted by buzz on 2012-12-31 14:41:03

They admitted he had microfracture ankle surgery and that the rehab was going to take longer, into an "indefinite" period. There will be nothing but heat on them if the rehab stretches into Feb or March.

Like I said, I get the impression you are implying that he won't come back this year, or will be a gimp if he does. I really don't care at this point how they handled it before, because they have been taken to task for it as much as a team like the Warriors would be. Even Bogut called bullshit on that one and appears to have forced their hand. Still, compared to the outright retardation of the previous regime, this is progress.


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