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Delanie Walker is not utter trash...nor is Manningham, or even Moss
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Posted by Don Nelson's Chocolate Cake on 2012-12-31 14:20:29

In Reply to: Roman, the o-line and VD are good, Kaep, James and Gore neutral... rest is utter trash posted by buzz on 2012-12-31 14:09:25

A.J. Jenkins is trash but he doesn't play. And I'm assuming you forgot Crabtree? Dude is a top 10 NFL receiver as far as I'm concerned. Talent-wise, Niners are pretty deep across the board, not exactly utter trash...and how the hell are Kaep/James/Gore neutral? Kaepernick is an above average quarterback, especially going into next year. Gore is declining steadily but you can still count on him for 1100 yards, 7 td's, 4.6-4.8 YPC next year, injuries notwithstanding. LaMichael James is a wildcard at this point, but at the very worst he's not neutral...he's an extremely good change of pace back that will break off some long runs in this league. If anyone on the Niners offense is neutral right now, it's VD...dude hasn't had a big game in weeks and has dropped numerous passes.


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