No. I'm sure they want to get under whatever the luxury tax threshold will be, but....

(1) no picks available to trade in 2013 (already traded the 2nd round pick and have committed to send the 1st round pick to the Jazz -- fortuntaely, it's supposed to be a bad draft year)

(2) unlikely that anyone wants Jefferson or Biedrins

(3) I could see some teams wanting Rush for what he'll bring next season -- maybe -- but trading him in the first year of his deal is problematic and requires his consent. He got no love this past summer. I doubt he'd agree to be traded and have to face free agency again coming off a season-ending knee injury.

(4) Everybody else on the team (hell, even Biedrins) has some type of role except for Bazemore and Tyler, and they aren't going to be traded for anything decent.

Warriors are still lacking a premiere defending swingman, but I think they're just going to go with what they've got and not rock the boat much.
Posted by: robeson (1070) on 12-12-31 10:18:58 | Advertiser
In Reply to: Before the trading deadline we see the Warriors trading a player? posted by K@libug@n on 12-12-31 09:46:44

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